St Albans South Seniors

St Albans South Seniors

St Albans South Seniors was established in 2008.

Our aim is to create a community spirit and promote social connection among the seniors in our parish. Social activities provide many benefits to people of all ages; however, once people retire, many find the social interaction that they once had at work is now missing.

For older adults participating in social activities is a way of building community and helps maintain their connection with people their own age. Seniors report that to be involved in a club provides a place to gather, activities to look forward to, the making of new friends and sharing a strong sense of purpose and togetherness.

We currently have 280 members,

We meet every Tuesday in the Parish hall around 9.30 Many like to attend the 9.00am Mass in the local Church.

We offer members a range of leisure activities including:

Weekly get togethers

Discussion with AgeCare Officials to learn what is available for seniors

Day trips that include, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Social nights and events

Weekly Bingo

Line Dancing

Membership fees are $10 annualy which entitles you to lunch every Tuesday, plus tea coffee and biscuits.

Want know how you can join us?

If you would like to become more active in our parish, or would like to join, great we would love to hear from you.

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