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Parish Development, August 1971

On August 1971, the development on the Holy Eucharist Parish commenced.

The new Parish was initiated late in 1970 by Fr. O’Reilly and Fr. Guelen was in charge of the parish development and will be the parish Priest.

First Mass, 19 March, 1972

From a make-shift platform in a near completed church, Fr. Guelen said the first Mass in St. Albans South on 19th March at 9am. The Mass in the Holy Eucharist Church was offered for all the parishioners in the new parish.

Approximately 200 people attended and were easily accommodated in a church designed to seat 450.

Last minute hitches prevented the Mass from starting on time, and while waiting for the priest to appear the members of the congregation were able to examine the building there were in. Windows were still to be fitted, lights to be installed and a platform for the altar had yet to be built. Many other features of the building had to be completed.

But one thing was clear.

It was built for the future; to cater for the priests and people of St. Albans South in the ‘tomorrow’ years.

Fr. Guelen was assisted at the Mass by Mr. Peter Alexander who is in his second year of training at Corpus Christi College. The Epistle was read by Mr. Noel Hayward. The altar, seats and furnishings were obtained from Oak Park.

Church Blessing, Sunday 30 April, 1972

On the 30th of April, 1972, parishioners gathered at Oleander Drive in St. Albans South; at the new Holy Eucharist Church for the Church Blessing.

Archbishop J.R. Knox arrived at the new parish to bless the Church hall, the Religious Instruction centre and the presbytery. A Concelebrated Mass of thanksgiving followed with Fr. Guelen, Archbishop Knox, Fr. Reis and Fr. O’Reilly at the Altar

First Deacon, 1972

Rev. Ray Whitehouse was the first Deacon to be appointed to the parish. He was in the parish from the 27th November till 26th December 1972.

His work consisted in visiting the homes of the parishioners and of course in assisting the Celebration of the Eucharist. In 1972, two seminarians from Corpus Christi College, Glen Waverly, Peter Alexander and Eugene Mckinnon did pastoral work in the parish. They took charge of the Confirmation Classes and helped with the Youth Club.

Appointment of Religious Coordinator, January 1973

In January 1973, Sister Eugenius, (lateron Eugenia) a Josephyte sister of St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Albans, was appointed as Religious-Coordinator for the Parish. The Religious instruction for children in the State Schools became too much for Fr. Guelen to do it all by himself.

Sister attended St. Albans Heights State School and St. Albans South. Together with Fr. Guelen she took each week 13 classes there. Children from Grade 3 to 6 received Religious Instruction.

Visit of future Pope and Saint , 18-25 February 1973

Cardinal Wojtyla presided at the Liturgical Function in the Sacred Heart Church, on Wednesday, 21st Feb. 1973.

Frs. C. Reis, A. Guelen, J. O’Reilly and J. Van Suylen also took part. At this function the cardinal spoke in English and also a few words in Polish.

Afterwards in the Y.C.W. hall the cardinal met parishioners of both parishes.

No one would have realised that this Cardinal would be the future Pope and Saint John Paul II.

Parish School, 1974

In 1974, a new primary school was being developed in Oleander Drive, St. Albans South, the first Catholic School in the area. The sisters of Mercy staffed the school and former principal of St. Brendan’s, Flemington, was the appointed principal.

The design of the school was a modified version of the ‘open plan’ school and was based on the concepts developed in England.

Official Opening & Blessing of Parish School, 19 April 1975

On the 19th of April, 1975, the school was officially opened by Fr. F. Martin, director of the Victorian Catholic Education Office. The Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Rev. T. F. Little, blessed the Holy Eucharist School.

The Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, which run the school, was also blessed.

Blessing of Church extension, 21 December 2013

Archbishop Denis Hart presided the Mass and blessed the church renovation, which seen the expansion of the foyer area and toilet in order to accommodate the growing members of the community.

Construction started July of that year and finished first week of December.

Redemptorists begin to serve the parish, 1 February 2016

After six years being cared for by the Jesuits through the able leadership of Fr Minh Van Tran, the community turns another page of its parish history by welcoming the Redemptorists led by Rev. Fr. Tuan Anh Do, CSsR as parish priest with the help of Rev. Fr. Michael Kelly CSsR, Fr. Peter Ly Trong Danh CSsR, and Fr. Felise Ierome CSsR.

The Redemptorists Priests continue to look after the parish with a new team from 2020:

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